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NonStick Electric Rice Cooker 3 Sizes Make perfectly cooked rice every time with the Non-Stick Automatic Electric Rice Cooker  Choose from 0.8L, 1.8L, or 2.5L rice cooker Features a non-st ... DIRECT 2 PUBLIC
£13.99 See offer
Joseph Joseph MCuisine Microwave Rice Cooker Re-think the way you use your microwave with the Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker. Cook rice quickly and efficiently without the need for a pan of ... JOSEPH JOSEPH
£20.00+ Delivery: £1.99 See offer
Tefal RK203 3in1 Rice Cooker Steamer and Slow Cooker Why buy three products for your kitchen when you only need one? The handy Tefal RK203 3-in-1 Rice Cooker, Steamer and Slow Cooker is all three in one simple to ... TEFAL
£52.16 See offer
Joseph Joseph MCuisine Microwave Rice and Grain Cooker M-Cuisine is a range of highly functional cookware that enables you to produce delicious, home-cooked food with ease in your microwave oven. All of the products ... JOSEPH JOSEPH
£20.00+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
CrockPot 1.8Litre Digital Rice Cooker Now you can enjoy perfectly cooked rice every time thanks to this Crock-Pot 1.8-Litre Digital Rice Cooker. With specific settings for white and brown rice, ... CROCKPOT
£64.99 See offer
Elgento 2.5L Rice Cooker White open in new window Please Note: Supplied with a UK 3 pin plug only. ELGENTO
£18.99 See offer
Habitat Joseph Joseph Microwave Rice And Grain Cooker The MCuisine Rice and Grain Cooker is made up of a large 2 litre cooking pot with a lid, colander, measuring cup, and a multi purpose rice paddle. The rice padd ... HABITAT
£20.00 See offer
Lloytron 0.8 Litre Automatic Rice Cooker White Non Stick Removable Rice Bowl Measuring Cup and Spatula 0.8ltr / 4 Cup Capacity - Brand: Lloytron - Capacity: 0.8 L - Colour: White - Manufacturer Reference: E ... LLOYTRON
£17.00 See offer
Elgento E19020 2.5L Rice Cooker Create delicious, healthy rice-based dishes with the 2.5 Litre Rice Cooker from Elgento. Boasting a generous 2.5 litre capacity, you can create a whole host of ... ELGENTO
£17.99 See offer
Cuckoo Automatic Rice Cooker CR0632 6 Cups Making great-tasting rice could not be easier. Turn the task of preparing rice from a grueling chore to a piece of cake with Cuckoo's CR-0632 electric rice cook ...
£89.98 See offer
Tefal EasyCook Pressurised Rice & Vegetable Cooker Perfect for cooking sticky rice and sushi rice, the Tefal EasyCook Pressurised Rice & Vegetable Cooker will get you perfect results everytime. Perfect your Asia ... TEFAL
£34.93 See offer
Tefal RK1568UK Cool Touch Rice Cooker open in new window Tefal RK1568UK Cool Touch Rice Cooker TEFAL
£29.99 See offer
Kakusee Microwave Rice Cooker Make perfect rice every time with just your microwave! Great for all kinds of rice, including Japanese rice, brown rice and long grain, not to mention mushipan ...
£28.50 See offer
Joseph Joseph MCuisine Rice & Grain Cooker open in new window Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Rice & Grain Cooker JOSEPH JOSEPH
£20.00 See offer
Moulinex 1.8 Litre Rice Cooker The Moulinex Rice Cooker makes it simple to cook the perfect rice every time. Soggy, dry, and burned rice will be a thing of the past. Simply measure out the ri ... MOULINEX
£58.47 See offer
Moulinex Uno 10 Cup 1.8L Rice Cooker Make perfect rice every time at teh push of a button with the Moulinex Uno 10 Cup Rice Cooker, its big enough for all the family. Its removable non-stick bowl m ... MOULINEX
£29.22 See offer
Moulinex Incio 2 Rice Cooker 1.5 Litre 8 Cup MK1518 Make perfect rice every time at the push of a button with the Moulinex Incio 2 Rice Cooker 8 Cup, it is big enough for all the family. The keep warm function me ... MOULINEX
£31.00 See offer
Moulinex MK1561 10 Cup Automatic Rice Cooker Get perfect rice every time with the Moulinex Inicio 2 MK1561 10 Cup Automatic Rice Cooker. It's 10 cup, 1.8 litre capacity is big enough for the whole family a ... MOULINEX
£33.07 See offer
Sushi Maker and Rice Cooker •500W•1.5 Litre•Ideal for making all kinds of rice•Includes Recipe book and CDWM game and Sushi KitFully automatic rice cooker for all sorts of rice. Has remova ...
£43.25 See offer
Elgento Rice cooker 1.8ltr 10 cup •700 Watts•10 Cups•White outer shell•Aluminium pot•Detachable cord•Plastic serving spoon included•Glass lid with plastic handle•2 indicator lightsMake cooking r ...
£30.64 See offer
Sage by Heston Blumenthal BRC600UK Risotto Plus Multi Cooker You can use the Sage by Heston Blumenthal Risotto Plus Multi Cooker to conjure up a wide range of delicious meals, including tender slow-cooked dishes, stir-fre ... SAGE BY HESTON BLUMENTHAL
£119.99 See offer
Lloytron Kitchen Perfected Automatic Non Stick Rice Cooker 350 W The Lloytron Kitchen Perfected 350w 0.8Ltr Automatic Rice Cooker - Non Stick is the perfect accompaniment to the modern kitchen. The automatic rice cooker featu ... LLOYTRON
£21.72 See offer
L&233ku&233 Microwave Cookware Green & White Rice Cooker 1L Perfectly cook and serve fluffy rice in minutes with Lékué’s Microwave Rice Cooker. Making up to four servings in 12 minutes, it has a specially ...
£17.99 See offer
JOSEPH JOSEPH MCuisine Microwave Rice Cooker Stone & Orange Stone Achieve perfectly cooked rice with the Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker in stone and orange. You'll never have to stress over cooking rice again th ... JOSEPH JOSEPH
£20.00 See offer
Joseph Joseph® Microwave Rice Cooker Go seamlessly from packet to table with this specially designed microwave rice cooker. This thoughtful design provides all the tools necessary to measure, wash, ... JOSEPH JOSEPH
£20.00 See offer
Cuckoo Automatic Rice Cooker CR0331 23 Cups Perfectly prepared rice every time.Make rice cooking the easiest job in the kitchen with Cuckoo's CR-0331 electric rice cooker. Made in Korea, this rice cooker ...
£86.98 See offer
Lku Rice & Grain Cooker Rice is notoriously difficult to get right but with the help of this handy gadget from Lku you can cook all varieties of rice and cereals in just a few minutes ...
£23.50 See offer
Lloytron 1.8L Automatic Rice Cooker E3311 An easy and convenient way to cook rice with added ability to steam vegetables too. This rice cooker is a large 1.8ltr with a non-stick removable rice bowl and ... LLOYTRON
£24.98 See offer
Beaba Babycook food preparation set Spicy ball pastarice cooker and babypote open in new window Beaba Babycook food preparation set: Spicy ball, pasta/rice cooker and babypote
Mothercare 2
ISIS Accredited
£20.99 See offer
Breville 4in1 Rice and Slow Cooker Need to know: Save up to 60% on this 4-in-1 slow cooker; Postage and packaging is not included and costs £6.95 to UK mainland; Sturdy, dishwasher safe, cerami ...
£39.99 See offer
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... a cheerful touch to your kitchen while being a practical tool. With a rice cooker, you’ll have perfect rice every time—no more sticky or undercooked rice! Just need a quick warming? The Russell Hobbs RHM2013 microwave is a ...

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