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Lego Duplo Lego Duplo Princess Cinderella&AcuteS Magical Castle Disney Cinderella fans will love recreating the ball scene with the Prince in this beautiful castle. Turn the cogwheels to make them dance, but remember to keep ... LEGO DUPLO
£34.99 View Product
Lego Duplo Train Accessory Set (10506) lego Take your child on a railway journey to endless creative play possibilities with the Lego Duplo Train Accessory Set! Features 8 curved rails 5 straight rails 2 ...
£20.84 View Product
£24.20 View Product
Lego Duplo Ariels Magical Boat Ride Disney Princess (10516) lego Plan a magical boat ride for Ariel and the charming Prince Eric. Help them spend a sunny day floating past the pretty pink castle in the golden boat. Recreate i ...
£17.16 View Product
Lego Duplo Disney Mickey And Minnie Birthday Parade (lego 10597) open in new window Bring on the birthday fun with LEGO DUPLO?Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade with train cake and number bricks.
£26.35 View Product
Lego Duplo Sofia The First Royal Castle (lego 10595) open in new window Explore the LEGO DUPLO brand Disney Sofia the First Royal Castle with Sofia Princess Amber Clover the rabbit dance floor and more.
£45.37 View Product
£26.73 View Product
Lego Duplo Treasure Attack (lego 10569) Hide in the tree and launch apples from the catapult to seize the treasure from the traveling knight and his horse-drawn carriage! Then rush back to the castle ...
£22.03 View Product
Lego Duplo My First Farm (lego 10617) open in new window Build LEGO DUPLO My First Farm to teach any little farmer about life on the farm with animal figures and special decorated bricks.
£18.50 View Product
Lego Duplo Sofia The First Magical Carriage (lego 10822) lego open in new window Join Sofia the First and ride along in her magical carriage!
£27.42 View Product
Lego Duplo Forest Fishing Trip (lego 10583) Fix the boat to the roof of the buildable car and set off to find the perfect fishing spot in the Lego Duplo Forest! Say hello to the friendly fox and squirrel ...
£21.95 View Product
Lego Duplo My First Tractor (lego 10615) open in new window Build LEGO DUPLO My First Tractor and learn about all the different colors and fruits with the special decorated bricks.
£17.12 View Product
Lego Duplo Forest Animals (lego 10582) Let's play with all the cute animals in the forest! The friendly squirrel fawn wild boar and goat are ready for some forest fun. Young children will love learni ...
£20.74 View Product
LEGO® DUPLO® 10508 Train Set LEGO-DUPLO-Train-Set-Lego-Duplo-10508-This-134-piece-set-from-LEGO-reg-DUPLO-reg-provides-everything-you-need-to-build-your-own-little-railway-network-The-moder ... LEGO DUPLO
£119.94 View Product
LEGO® DUPLO® 10571 All In One Pink Box Of Fun LEGO-DUPLO-All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun-Lego-Duplo-10571-This-starter-set-from-LEGO-reg-DUPLO-reg-will-open-a-door-to-the-world-of-creativity-for-the-youngest-mod ... LEGO DUPLO
£24.98 View Product
LEGO® DUPLO® 10567 Toddler Build and Boat Fun LEGO-DUPLO-Toddler-Build-and-Boat-Fun-Lego-Duplo-10567-Make-your-child-s-bath-time-even-more-fun-with-this-set-from-LEGO-reg-DUPLO-reg-Build-a-boat-that-will-fl ... LEGO DUPLO
£15.47 View Product
LEGO DUPLO My First Farm Play and learn on the farm! The big and chunky bricks make LEGO® DUPLO® My First Farm an ideal introduction to basic construction skills. The brightly c ... LEGO
£14.99+ Delivery: £2.99 View Product
LEGO DUPLO Pink Brick Box 4623 Inspire younger minds with this great LEGO DUPLO Pink Brick Box. Designed especially for young girls, this cute starter set features rabbits, carrots, flowers a ...
£13.99 View Product
Lego Duplo Firetruck 10592 Rush to save the burning building in the Lego Duplo Fire Truck!Jump onto the Lego Duplo Fire Truck and save the day! Rush to the burning building and help the ... LEGO
£21.99 View Product
Lego Duplo Camping Trip 10602 Start a new Camping Adventure every day with Lego Duplo!Let's all go camping with Lego Duplo! Construct the easy-to-build caravan and then hitch them together ... LEGO
£23.99 View Product
LEGO DUPLO My First Rocket Learn to build and create by stacking chunky LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to make a colorful rocket and a planet - there are building cards inside for inspiratio ... LEGO
£8.99+ Delivery: £2.99 View Product
LEGO DUPLO Tow Truck With both a Tow Truck and car included, this set offers great value and so many different role-play opportunities. Use the hook on the Tow Truck to pull the car ... LEGO
£16.99+ Delivery: £2.99 View Product
LEGO DUPLO Grow Caterpillar Grow 6758 This set features 17 colourful LEGO DUPLO bricks. LEGO model number: 6758 Inspire young minds with the iconic creatures Teach your child to listen and build whi ...
£13.99 View Product
LEGO DUPLO Numbers Train 10558 Hop aboard the LEGO Duplo Number Train where learning to count has never been so much fun! With numbered LEGO DUPLO bricks and three wagons, young builders will ...
£12.99 View Product
LEGO Duplo My First Truck LEGO Duplo My First Truck. Help your child learn to match pairs with LEGO® DUPLO® My First Truck. The truck is easy to build using chunky DUPLO bricks, designed ... LEGO
£17.00+ Delivery: £2.99 View Product
Lego Duplo Blocks Junior Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set open in new window 100% official merchandise. The perfect bedding set for little Lego fans. Fits most junior, toddler and cot beds. JUNIOR BEDDING
£18.99 View Product
Lego Duplo Blocks 4 in 1 Junior Bedding Bundle (Duvet Pillow Covers) open in new window 100% official merchandise. Fits junior, toddler and cot beds. 4 piece set includes: Quilt, pillow, duvet cover and pillowcase. JUNIOR BEDDING
£27.99 View Product
Lego Duplo SpiderMan Spider Truck Adventure 10608 Lego Duplo Spider-Man Spider Truck Adventure 10608 Help Marvel's Spider-Man stop Green Goblin from stealing the money! Use the tracking device and rad ... LEGO DUPLO
£32.99 View Product
LEGO DUPLO 10571 Box of Fun Pink Perfect for getting your little one into LEGO, this DUPLO starter set is full of building and rebuilding fun. The all-in-one box of fun features special shapes, ... LEGO
£20.99+ Delivery: £3.50 View Product
LEGO DUPLO 10524 Farm Tractor Climb aboard the farm tractor and drive out to the shelter where the friendly cow is waiting to be fed. Lift the trailer bucket, offload the food and help the o ... LEGO
£14.99+ Delivery: £3.50 View Product
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Lego Duplo toys

... Lego bricks. They are targeted for ages 1 to 5. You can buy a lego duplo bucket or barrel that just has the colourful blocks, or you can buy themed sets. There are both basic and deluxe sets, providing different numbers of ...

Lego Duplo toys Buyers Guide
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... been introduced, such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Duplo: Made by the lego company, Duplo blocks are twice the size as lego blocks in length, width, and height. They are designed for younger children and come in sets like ...

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... set is perfect for building and for pretend play. For younger children, lego duplo has larger blocks, easier for little hands and no risk of choking. Littlest Pet Shop animals let your child take care of a pretend pet such as cats, ...

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